Bodywork Testimonials

Shamanic Ceremony Testimonials

My massage sessions with Ulrike are always wonderfully relaxing and healing. With her adept touch and calming energy, she skillfully soothes my entire being - body, mind and soul - leaving me feeling completely rejuvenated and rebalanced. I am already looking forward to my next visit.
- Cory H., Vancouver
Ulrike has a strong presence and her shamanic rituals allowed me to get in touch to deep places within me. She challenges you just enough so that you can get there, and yet she is gentle and very caring. Thank you Ulrike, you are a very powerful Shaman!
- LDP, Port Moody BC
I went through the shock of experiencing a recurrence of breast cancer and everything in my world seemed so scary and unstable. During this time, I had the opportunity of receiving a massage with Ulrike. I can't describe enough what a comforting experience that was for my soul and body. For my soul, she provided a sanctuary, a safe and nurturing place when everything outside was so threatening. To my body, which was going through so much pain and stress, the gentle massage I received from her was the loving and healing touch that it longed for so much. I am very grateful having received her nurturing massage when my body and soul needed it most.
- Rosa S., Vancouver
I would like to thank you for being a part of my healing journey this weekend. I feel blessed to have a Shaman/Healer like you along my path in life. I felt a huge energy shift in my body after processing with you. You are an amazing Shaman. You are very graceful and connected with the Elements. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, safe, and sacred healing space. The whole weekend felt so good and transformational, it was easy to open up and to go deep and feel and heal. I truly feel like I know my gifts now, more than I did before and I am inspired to step into my Souls purpose. I look forward to working with you again.
- Larissa, Squamish BC
Thank you Ulrike for sharing your gift with me. The comfort of your sanctuary was a gentle retreat from life's pressures. That I could be still for 1 1/2 hours was not expected but that it could be this enjoyable was a revelation. Words cannot justly illustrate the full experience of my massage with you - the profound relaxation, the sense of peace and balance, the grounding, and the feeling of connection with my body. I look forward to many more.
- Eric D., White Rock
Ulrike, I want to take a moment to thank you very much for the shamanic ceremonies this past weekend. You have a great talent of knowing when to ask questions and what questions to ask to help draw out feelings and emotions that I may not have otherwise realized. You have helped transform my life and I feel grounded and have more self-realization. I am blessed that our paths have crossed. Thank you so very much,
- Nicole, Leduc AB
For over three decades, I have been teaching, practicing, and receiving a whole range of specialized bodywork and massages. My body really knows what it wants and I was truly impressed with Ulrike's special gift of touch. In a totally professional setting she combines intuition and technical skills in perfect balance. I felt wonderful! I highly recommend her services.
- Maryse Coté, Tantra teacher and trainer
I love Ulrike’s sense of humour and her directness. It can be scary but is so important when doing this work.
- Larraine, Surrey BC
After a long weekend of horse back riding in the Coastal Mountains of BC, I knew just where to go for a soothing massage. I was pleased to find Ulrike competent and very professional. I believe she has that not too common healing touch which leaves me renewed each time.

Vance Hanna, Professional Photographer
I am a bodyworker myself and I have very high standards for massage. I can happily say that Ulrike met all my expectations and more. She has great strength, presence and sensitivity. I left our session feeling completely relaxed, smoothed out and invigorated.
- Ki R., Vancouver
Ulrike has a professional presence about her that allowed me to give myself over to her hands in a healing way. She was even able to massage my very sensitive feet, that's how relaxed I was.
- Marg C., Nemiah Valley, BC