• About Shamanism

    Shamanism is the primal ground from which all spiritual traditions have emerged. It is the ancient tradition of our Ancestors, who took Nature as their spiritual teacher.

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  • Shamanic Healing

    From a shamanic point of view, the source of all things is Spirit. In a healing, the Shaman journeys to the source of the illness or disharmony in the spirit realm and effects a change there so that healing can occur here.

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  • Community Service

    Serving the community through celebrating the eight major festivals of the Wheel of Seasons, Rites of Passage, and a monthly New Moon Circle for women.


  • Shamanic Workshops

    Introductory-level courses in Shamanic Journeying, ongoing Shamanic Living workshop series, as well as Yearlong Training programs: The Path of the Shaman and The Path of the Priestess.

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