Kaleidoscope Alumni

Priestesses and Priests of the 13th House Mystery Tradition, who have been initiated through the yearlong training program with Kaleidoscope Healing.

Jen Jennifer Lori is Priestess of Aphrodite and was the first Red Cord Priestess initiated into the 13th House by Ulrike in April 2016, after completing the yearlong Shamanic Living training in 2015. Jen has served as High Priestess in Aphrodite’s Temple at pagan events for many years and taught introduction to witchcraft courses. She is the author of The Healer’s Wisdom and a certified Usui Reiki practitioner who works with sound and crystal energies. She is available for Reiki, Crystal Therapy, and Sound Healing treatments. Jen is working on obtaining her BC Wedding Celebrant Certification and is available to facilitate rituals and ceremonies such as weddings and handfastings. She can be reached at
John John Mackintosh is Priest of Aphrodite. He completed the yearlong Shamanic Living training in 2015 and was initiated Red Cord Priest of the 13th House in November 2016. He has been a solitary witch for most of his life and has served the Goddess Aphrodite for many years. John offers Tarot card and Tea Leaf readings; he is a meditation and Astral Travel coach, and a Tantrist. He is certified in massage therapy and Reiki level II and offers massage combined with Reiki in South Surrey, BC. John can be reached at

Lindy Miller is White Cord Priestess of the 13th House and has completed the yearlong Shamanic Living training in 2015. An Early Childhood Educator of 18 years, she specializes in bringing out creativity and play in children and adults. Based out of Langley, BC, you can find out more about her work at

Kristina Kristina Belkina is Priestess of Kuan Yin and was initiated Red Cord Priestess of the 13th House in February 2017 after completing the yearlong Shamanic Priestess training, as well as the yearlong Shamanic Living training in 2016. Kristina is a talented and accomplished photographer in Vancouver, BC, who is curious about exploring spiritual realms through photographic journeys. For more information, please visit her website
Marra Marra Stewart is Priestess of Brighid and was initiated Red Cord Priestess of the 13th House in February 2017 after completing the yearlong Shamanic Priestess training. Marra is a Mesa Carrier in the Peruvian shamanic tradition and a certified Integrative Energy Healing practitioner in White Rock, BC. She is available for IEH sessions, mentoring and shadow work, and past life regression. She can be reached through her website Full Spectrum Energies
 Leigh Leigh Tipper is Priestess of Nyx and was initiated Red Cord Priestess of the 13th House in May 2018 after completing the yearlong Shamanic Living training. As a professional intuitive, Leigh is available for sessions that include past life healing, illness and injury readings, receiving messages from your higher self regarding your life, and communication with loved ones who have passed. Leigh is also a trained aromatherapist and provides consultations to speak about the best choice of medicines and treatments for your emotional and physical health. Her company THIS LUMINOUS LIFE is on Facebook and Instagram. Leigh lives in Nanaimo, BC, and can be reached at


Teachers and Mentors

People who have taught me through training programs and workshops, or who have inspired me in some other way.

BetsyBetsy Bergstrom, Heart Centered Shamanic Healing, Seattle, WA
Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher

TiraDaniel Foor, Ancestral Medicine, NC
Author, Teacher

ChristinaChristina Pratt, Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing, Portland, OR
Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, Why Shamanism Now podcast host

Tirathe late Tira Evans, Society of Celtic Shamans, Nelson, BC
Celtic Shaman, Author, Teacher

YvonneYvonne Owens, Victoria, BC
Founding Priestess of the 13th House Mystery Tradition, Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, Author

SandraWendy Elrick, The Equine Connection, Vernon, BC
Equine Assisted Learning Teacher

SandraSandra Wallin, Chiron's Way, Maple Ridge, BC
Equine Facilitated Wellness Teacher

Carolcarol weaver, SpiritworXshamanics, Gabriola Island, BC
Sacred Drummer

NikkiahNikkiah Seeds, Red Moon Pathways, Vancouver, BC
Priestess, Wedding Officiant, Shamanic Practitioner

H-EHoward Malpas and his late wife Elsa, Warrior in the Heart Foundation, Glastonbury, England
Shamanic Practitioners, Teachers

ParvathiParvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati
Yogini of the Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta traditions, Teacher

MaryseMaryse Coté, Ishtara School of Tantra, Victoria, BC
Tantra Practitioner, Teacher

Marilee Sigal, Vancouver, BC
Psychologist, Counsellor, Teacher
John-Luke Edwards, England
Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher