ShamanTrauma-Sensitive Yoga

Many of us are aware of the benefits Yoga offers for health and well-being, but a room full of people deep-breathing, chanting, sweating, and straining into seemingly impossible body postures can be quite overwhelming. For some of us, the way Yoga is often taught here in the West at best contributes to the feeling that there is something ‘wrong’ with us and at worst can be very triggering, even re-traumatizing.

Trauma-sensitive Yoga, on the other hand, instills trust, acceptance, and appreciation of our body as it is. It provides a structured approach that helps foster our sense of safety and teaches experiencing the present moment, making choices, and taking effective action.

Ulrike is has graduated from the Langara College certificate program Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma, Resilience and Emotional Well-being and is pleased to include this powerful embodiment practice in her shamanic counselling sessions and as part of her approach to healing sexual abuse and assault.


Trauma-sensitive Yoga is offered as part of a shamanic counselling or sexual healing session at $120 /session.



Ask us about combining trauma-sensitive Yoga with Equine Guided Personal Growth.