The Equine Team

the generous grandmother
so giving and forgiving

Florita is 30 and we've been together for over 20 years. She is the first horse I have ever owned - or rather, she is the one who owns me. She taught me everything I know about horses; and she taught me to be a better person.

the caring mother
curious and cuddly

Shoko is Florita's daughter, she is 18. She never became the amazing trail horse her mother was, instead she has become the most amazing teacher I have ever known. She continues to teach me that I don't know the first thing about horses; and she teaches me to become a better horse.

the little rascal
playful and cheeky

Moonshadow is Shoko's son, he is 5. Yes, our team is a family of three generations:) This big little guy is still growing and learning and developing a strong personality. He is full of love and teaches everyone about healthy boundaries, including me.

the kind host
shy and gentle

Raja is the resident Arabian who generously shares "his" farm with our family. With his calm presence he has naturally joined the healing team.

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” ~ Alexandra K. Trenfor

Ulrike has been around horses since earliest childhood. She worked as trail guide and wrangler in a remote part of the Chilcotin for two years, accompanying weeklong wilderness pack trips through the coastal mountain range. After working as a Peer Counsellor and Shamanic Counsellor for a few years, she trained in Equine Facilitated Wellness at Chiron's Way in Maple Ridge, and in Equine Assisted Learning at The Equine Connection Counselling Services in Vernon, BC. Her equine family lives on a private horse farm 10 minutes from downtown Hope, BC, at the river surrounded by mountains and forest.


What Others Are Saying

The Equine Wheel of Life

I was lucky enough to attend Ulrike’s Equine Wheel retreat in June, and it was a surprisingly profound experience. Such simple teachings that allow you to really delve into your own heart. Ulrike’s facilitation, guidance and support was invaluable. I really appreciated her down-to-earth approach in bringing us all together, her good humour, and incredible kindness. She has such a calm, kind, and grounded energy, it truly was an honour to learn from her. - Kate, Delta, BC

Equine Healing for Stress

Thank you, Ulrike, for yesterday. The horses were lovely and very kind to us all. The farm is in a picturesque location and set a beautiful background for the revealing work with your horses. It is an opening to what may be deeper inside of me and I am grateful for the opportunity to know more about the self. I am sure there would be many who could benefit from your workshop. - Lesley, Hope, BC

Private Sessions

After an hour and a bit of a session, sitting on lawn chairs next to Florita and Shoko, I was feeling greatful and the younger of the two mares was eating hay. All of a sudden she stopped, walked the two steps over to me and for more than a few moments I experienced what I describe as being lip-nibbled on the top of my head. My crown chakra was being horse-kissed by a beautiful and sacred expression of the Divine! This experience I deem profound. I feel like I was welcomed in to the Horse Tribe. Urike is very confident, very thorough, and I recommend her to anyone desiring the results of therapy by horse and of her shamanic ability. - Clint, Agassiz, BC

If you have stumbled upon Ulrike like I did consider it a blessing. Take action and book a session, you will thank yourself! She helped me get clear on what it is I truly want and assisted in translating my deepest emotions. I feel a mental blockage has been removed and I am feeling more confident in expressing who I truly am. - Megan, Harrison, BC

I had an intuitive session with Ulrike and the horses. I felt quickly drawn into the present moment. My mind went quiet and my heart stared talking. Ulrike was really supportive and her guidance through the session was resonating with me. Great Experience! - Jérome, Harisson, BC