About Tantra

ShamanTantra is an ancient feminine philosophy and yogic tradition that can be traced back 8-10,000 years and is still practiced in its purest form in some parts of India. Hinduism, Buddhism, Shaivism, Jainism, and Bön have their roots in Tantra. In more recent years, Tantra has been revived in both Eastern and Western culture where it has undergone many changes and adaptations and sometimes has even been reduced to its sexual aspects alone. In order to distinguish Western sexual Tantra from traditional Indian or Buddhist Tantra, this modern stream is commonly called neo-Tantra and sometimes Tantrism.

Neo-Tantra plays an important role in our sex- and body-negative patriarchal societies, where not only the feminine but also sexual energy have been suppressed, which has a severely polluting effect on the beautiful, loving, and natural expression that sexuality is. One might even say that the source of most social disturbances and violence is rooted in sex, or rather the lack of nurturing, fulfilling, uplifting sexual intimacy. The sexual abuse of different kinds that occurs every minute painfully evidences the sexual distress of our societies. Although perversion, abuse, rape, aggression, and war may not always appear to result from the lack of healthy sexual expression, the suppression of sexuality, which is our inherent nature, contributes to all of these.

In Tantra, both traditional and modern, the sacredness of the sexual union is emphasized with a focus on connection between the lovers and with Source. Tantra includes sexuality as an integral part of our humanness and it teaches transcendence of sexual energy to achieve higher states of consciousness. It is about reconnecting love and sex, being fully present with our partner; experiencing deeper intimacy; releasing the encultured attitude that sexual energy compromises spiritual advancement; learning instead to use that powerful energy to deepen our spiritual experience.

But Tantra is so much more:

Tantra is the Yoga of Presence, the art of being fully aware of all sensations, internal and external, of being sentient in this moment, because the here and now is all there is. It teaches acceptance of self and other, without craving or aversion and without the need to change anything. It is about discovering our true nature; learning to stay present in the body with whatever emerges from the shadows; freeing ourselves from bondage to the past; seeing the divine in each other, and in all around us; realizing that all beings are connected and that separation is an illusion; recognizing how we create our own experiences and understanding the mysteries of the universe; allowing our body's subtle energies flow freely, unobstructed by emotional residue. We are but energy, in constant vibration, constantly changing, connected to Source and to everything that is.