ShamanHealing the Trauma of Childhood Abuse & Sexual Assault

To help women heal the trauma of childhood abuse or sexual assault, Ulrike has created a unique approach, combining

In a supportive, non-judgmental, and nurturing space you can learn to trust, to stay connected with your body, to set healthy boundaries, and to develop good self-awareness and self-love.

Releasing Trauma

Memory of past trauma is stored on a cellular level deep within the body, resulting in energy blockages. Integrated bodywork can facilitate awareness of the body, its needs and its direct relationship to emotions, thought processes, and past history. Unblocking the movement of energy opens and balances the body's energy pathways. As the energy releases in the body, so may blocked emotions, chronic tension, and unresolved trauma, thus stimulating deep healing on all levels.

Simple yet powerful breath exercises can be used to bridge dissociation. You can practice breath anywhere at any time in your daily life and use it to stay present in your body when you get triggered.

Through body-awareness practices, including trauma-sensitive Yoga, you can learn to observe sensations without judgment and without needing to change them; to trust your body as your strongest ally and most reliable friend; to listen to the messages your body gives you and respond appropriately; and to increase your awareness and develop a positive body image.

Horses are gifted teachers and incredible facilitators in the work of healing traumatic experiences. There is something about a horse, something so generous and loving and forgiving, that is good for people. With their enormous, all-encompassing heart, horses accept us for who we really are, and gently and lovingly ease us towards change. They give us the courage to look in the mirror and help us learn to love what we see.

As you progress on the healing path, you can learn tantric practices to open up to deeper intimacy and also to learn how to release energy blockages yourself (read more about Tantra here). Shamanic healing can be incorporated at any time.

To support this process, Ulrike draws on her skills and training as a peer counsellor, offering you a safe, confidential space to explore your feelings and concerns. She uses Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) to assist you in moving towards a more positive future by building on your past successes, as well as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Her main approach is person centred and she can help you uncover the answers, which lie within yourself, by providing a new perspective and helping you find more appropriate ways of dealing with difficulties with better self-awareness. You will be accepted unconditionally for the person that you are and you can learn to do the same: to love and accept yourself exactly as you are.

The Healing Process

Each individual’s journey is unique and the steps vary. As you walk your own path of recovery and growth, Ulrike will hold the safe and sacred space necessary for your healing. It takes time to heal the trauma of childhood abuse and sexual assault, but HEALING AND PLEASURE ARE POSSIBLE!

Please note that this healing approach does not replace psychotherapy. In fact, you are encouraged to see a registered psychologist or counsellor parallel to working with Ulrike.

Since trust and a good "fit" are very important for this kind of work, Ulrike offers a FREE 20-minute initial consultation to meet in person and to determine together whether she will be able to assist you.


A session averages 60-90 minutes and is $120.