About Peer-Counselling

ShamanWe all experience difficulties and challenges in our lives. Sometimes, we cannot address them on our own or with the help of friends. Often, all we really need is someone to listen to us without judgment - and this is basically what counselling is: a chance to be heard and to look at a problem in a different way with someone who respects your opinions and decisions. A peer counsellor is an individual with related life experiences who has attained the knowledge and skills to assist others. The goal of peer counselling is to empower yourself and to enable you to meet your own needs.

As a peer counsellor, Ulrike offers you a safe, confidential space to explore your feelings and concerns. She uses Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) to assist you in moving towards a more positive future by building on your past successes, as well as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Her main approach is person centred and she can help you uncover the answers, which lie within yourself, by providing a new perspective and helping you find more appropriate ways of dealing with difficulties with better self-awareness. You will be accepted unconditionally for the person that you are and you can learn to do the same: to love and accept yourself exactly as you are!

Please note that Ulrike is not a clinical counsellor. If at any time you need more support, she will point this out to you and can even recommend a few qualified individuals if you wish.