Home of the Hope Holistic Wellness Collective

Friday 8 June 2018
4-7 pm
591-D Wallace Street

(on 6th Ave, between Coquihalla Vet and Carter Hearing)

Hope Holistic Wellness Collective

The Kaleidoscope Healing Den at 591-D Wallace Street in Hope, BC, is the home of the Holistic Wellness Collective, a group of holistic wellness providers in and around the town of Hope. The three practitioners featured below are at the Healing Den on a regular basis, offering massage treatments and other services on different days:


Peggy Van den Heuvel has been doing intuitive healing massage treatments for ten years.  Her relaxation massage includes intuitive energy healing, which involves both physical and spiritual energy release, removing blocked or stagnant energy from our physical and spiritual bodies. Clients feel lighter, surrendered, and energized after a treatment with her.

Peggy also gives intuitive readings, which involve messages from loved-ones who have passed, as well as from spirit guides. Her deeply empathic, understanding, and intuitive nature is what helps her to connect with people of all ages.

She is the creator of Peggy’s Planet, producing unique, natural products such as lip balms, vapor rubs, muscle & joint salves, soaps, oils. See

Peggy works at the Healing Den on Wednesdays.  She is also available for readings and treatments in the comfort of your own home.

604 860-2198

Nichole Desjardin graduated from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Saskatoon, SK, and continues to maintain her Saskatchewan registration through the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan. She has been practicing a variety of massage techniques for the past 16 years, specializing in Swedish style relaxation and deep tissue massage.

Nichole values a safe and comfortable environment to ensure optimal relaxation for her clients.  A firm believer in the healing power of human touch, she is well known for carefully learning the needs of her clients and working both methodically and intuitively to ensure a high quality of healing.

Through her incredible ability to pinpoint tension, she is very effective at relieving muscle tension and working with her clients to increase mobility and overall wellness.

Nichole works at the Healing Den on Mondays. She is also available for mobile services.

604 869-1832


Ulrike Spitzer has created the Holistic Wellness Collective to bring together the many gifted healers in and around the town of Hope under one roof and has opened the Kaleidoscope Healing Den in May 2018.

Ulrike offers a holistic approach to massage, combining different bodywork techniques to balance mind, body, and soul. She specializes in helping people with anxiety, depression and high stress, drawing on many years of experience working in the field of trauma recovery. She can combine your massage session with gentle energy healing for even deeper relaxation, or teach you yogic breathing and other self-healing tools.

You find her at the Healing Den every Thursday and Friday. For more information about Ulrike, simply browse this website.


Other services offered at the Healing Den include:

An events calendar will be posted here, once I figure out how to do that:) Meanwhile, please visit the Healing Den window or the bulletin board inside.